Let’s Get It Started

Are you as pumped as Michael Scott? I am.

Congratulations! You’ve signed up for Fantasy Football. Half of you have already tried your hand at this and I can feel your excitement. To the other half – this might change your life. Or not.

I’ve actually seen it go both ways. Some people never quite latch on and quit setting a lineup by week 7, secretly but not so secretly aggravating the remaining members in the league. (Don’t let this be you – at least set your lineup.) But if you stick with it, you’ll learn valuable life lessons about risk, greed, hubris, among many other things. You’ll come to understand and appreciate the obsession shared by 32 million American aged 12 and older.

It’ll be fun. I promise.

This could be you three months from now.

I am your League Manager. I’m in charge of reminding you of important deadlines, providing you with recaps and instructions, reviewing trades, that sort of thing. I can also be your proxy in case you are traveling and can’t adjust your team. I am not allowed to make decisions on your behalf, though. So if you ask me to move Jay Cutler to your bench and start Ryan Tannehill instead, I can do that. But “Can you put someone in my Flex spot for me” won’t work.

Jayson will be your Commissioner. He really just exists to ensure I don’t reach dictator status. He’ll review trades and offer advice and such, but no logistics. He’s like the monarchy and I’m Parliament.

Obligatory royal baby reference. God I hope I look this good if I ever have kids.

This blog is where we will house all of the League Manager notes. You don’t have to check it periodically. If I write something, I will likely just tag you on Facebook with a link. Bonus – all of your Facebook friends will know you are in a Fantasy Football league, making you instantly cooler!

I named us the League of Ruinations because someone at some point during this season will be thrown into fits if despair. Most likely me. I take this very seriously.

Also, other -nation words didn’t really fit. Determination? Too cheesy. Abomination? Not quite right. And if I could think of a cool league name using “insemination” I would, but it’s just not happening. So Runiations it is and if you have any other suggestions, I am open to them.

A few housekeeping items:

  • Our draft date is Saturday, August 24 at 2:30 p.m. CT/12:30 p.m. PT. For the LA locals, I’ll send out details for a fun food get together. Those who are out of town can just participate online. There’s a fun chat feature and such so you won’t feel left out. Save this date. Don’t miss it.
  • Everyone has to sign up for an ESPN account and set up their team before the draft. Otherwise, the draft won’t start and we’ll all be waiting on you. You don’t want to be that person.
  • League dues will be $5 per person and are due by Week 2. They go straight to the prize pool, so please pay them. I can take a check, cash, BofA transfer, PayPal, whatever’s easy.

Early next week, I’ll post a crash course about the basics of Fantasy Football. Exciting!

And finally, Lauren just had a birthday. So haiiii Lauren. Get it. Happy birthday.

No, but seriously. Cake?


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