Three Weeks to Playoffs!

I am the worst league manager. I haven’t written because I am busy and awful. Sorry!

I’m actually still busy, but I am going to be slightly less awful because I am going to give you some important facts about playoffs.

I was in Seattle for this! GO HAWKS!

Trade Deadline

This Wednesday is the last day for trades. This is to prevent any collusion. For example, if you already know you aren’t going to be in playoffs, you trade all your best players to another team to agree to split the winnings. If you want to push through a trade, give me a heads up so I can push it through before the deadline.

Playoffs – Who is In and Who Is Out.

There is only one person in this league who has a guaranteed spot in playoffs. THIS GUY.



Ashish is doing so well, he’s scoring more than I am in my other league, and I’m starting another WR and two defensive players. And I’m in second place in that league! His combination of Peyton Manning and Demariyus Thomas is truly paying off. Also, he always sets his lineup. And he is the nicest trash talker ever. Like, if you ever want to get a compliment, try to trash talk Ashish. He’ll come back with, “Oh yeah, your team is really good,” or something equally complimentary. Get it, Ashish.

As for the rest of us, it’s really anybody’s game. And I know I’ve been saying that all season, but it’s been true all season. Take a look at our current power rankings.

You’ll see that Jayson and I are tied for second, Lauren and Sue are tied for third, and Mike, Maria and Shilpa are tied for fourth. Except for Ashish, there is only one win separating each ranking from the next. The top six get in to playoffs and literally anything can happen at this point.

Final Takeaway

What I am trying to convey is that with the exception of Ashish (who will set his lineup anyway because he is competitive), every single one of you could make a run for playoffs, and you should.

This week is the last of the bye weeks – the Bills, Bengals, Eagles, and Seahawks are all on bye. Set your lineups to fill any holes. Scour the waiver wire for suitable replacements. Do what you have to do in these last few weeks to win.

Remember – all you have to do is make it to playoffs. Then your record doesn’t matter. It’s one and done in the postseason, kind of like the Hunger Games. For all you know the winner could be you.


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